we make little bets on big ideas

st[ART]up is a year-long initiative to prototype interdisciplinary projects that investigate a single subject

In 2018, we investigate the question:

When does the virtual become real?

“The word ‘reality’ must be enclosed in quotation marks.” —Nabokov

Throughout human history, we have sought ways to construct new versions of reality.  Storytelling, art, religion—even society itself—establish entire worlds not visible to the naked eye in which our imaginations take up permanent residence. But what does it mean to create a world that feels real?  Why are we driven to create these alternate realities? And are the realities on which we already agree actually preferable to more custom-made realities?

In 2018, Sightline will present a series of artistic explorations of these questions.  Each team of artists will work in a separate medium, tinkering with different parts of The Reality Machine.  




["Real" World]

Green People is a short film in development that examines the complex way that shared fictions shape our individual and collective realities. Two stories interweave: Jacob plays an action-packed spy adventure game about a stolen artifact in virtual reality; Rachel cuts ties with her workplace lover and prepares for her husband's arrival after a long business trip.

The Calla co - CALla Videt

["Real" Value]

the calla co is an art and fashion project exploring how and what we value – and how 'unreal' stories can be woven into 'real' things.


["Real" Self]

Second Body will provide a one-of-a-kind service, offering the chance to interact with the world remotely through your own physical avatar.

Portrait - Listen on Itunes TODAY

["Real" Story]

Portrait is the story of a disappearance…I think. It’s a mystery I stumbled on when I wasn’t supposed to be looking for it. Now I can’t stop looking. For an immersive experience, you listen to the podcast in the Salomon Room at the NY Public Library, where the story takes place. Plus, you can see what I'm talking about by following me on Instagram: @maxisonthegram